There is much that the National Marriage Coalition would like to see achieved in Australia. The following are some of the objectives the NMC will be working toward:

  • Increased marriage education and promotion in our school system.
  • More funding for pre-marital, marital and pre-divorce counselling and education.
  • Expanded financial help for married couples.
  • A removal of the disincentives (financial and otherwise) to marriage.
  • Government and non-government promotion and elevation of marriage.
  • The affirmation of marriage as being between one man and one woman.
  • The establishment of state and federal marriage and family impact statements on all new legislation.
  • Advertising and education programs designed to highlight the benefits of marriage.
  • An increase in the proportion of children born into married families.
  • A reduction in unmarried pregnancy.
  • A reduction in unnecessary divorce.
  • A reduction and prevention of violence and excessive conflict in marriages.
  • Removal of disincentives (financial and otherwise) for married couples to have children.
  • The reinforcement and promotion of the social good of marriage.
  • Emphasis on marriage in our sex education programs.

These and other aims will be worked on by the NMC in the future to ensure that marriage remains a bedrock institution in Australian life.

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