The Stand 4 Marriage Rally. December 3, 2011
Citizens of Sydney

On Dec' 3rd, in Martin Place

Australia needs your voice.

Speak now or forever hold your peace!

On this day, Australia's culture and values will be either defended or traded. If they are traded, we'll move a step nearer far-reaching and irreversable cultural change. As evidenced elsewhere, there is a great price to pay when you legitimise and approve alternate sexualities by weakening the existing institutions and family structures. As the Labor Party votes, we will gather in Martin Place to celebrate what marriage is, what it needs to stay and to applaud those community-minded politicians who have not lost their moral compass.

What will you and your family be doing when history is made?

Come and be a part of it!

Speak now, or forever hold your peace!

Saturday, 3 Dec 2011. From 10:00am

Martin Place, Sydney



Events outside of Sydney:

( Live feed audio will be available for anyone who can access internet )


Newcastle - (Details following very soon)




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