Martin Place Declaration in Support of the Natural family from Stand4Marriage rally

The national pro- family organisations who joined together for the Stand4Marriage Rally in Sydney's Martin Place, on Saturday 3 December 2011 at which Loree Rudd spoke, have moved to applaud Ms. Rudd's courage in resigning from the Australian Labor party. Media Liaison for the Stand4marriage Rally, Mr. Peter Madden, organised by the "National Marriage Coalition" said concerning Loree Rudd's stand: "It is a big step for a public figure such as the sister of the former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to boldly lead the way in actively denouncing the ALP's betrayal of its members and supporters who uphold family values and natural marriage. It is our hope that Ms. Rudd's example will encourage many thousands of other Labor supporters to make a similar public stand until the Labor Party realises it's folly and reverses its party platform to uphold the marriage act."

Loree Rudd spoke to the two thousand people who gathered in Martin Place on the day of the same sex marriage debate. The estimate of numbers were provided by an ABC journalist on the day of the rally. Other speakers included; Peter Madden - Heal our Land Ministries; Mary-Louise fowler - Australian Family Association; Barry Chant - founder Tabor College; Bishop Peter Comensoli - Auxiliary Catholic Bishop of Sydney; Fred Nile MP - Legislative Council NSW; Dr Tim O'Neill - Doctors for Family; Emily Dunn - family advocate; Father Gabriel Yassa - Coptic Church leader; Gerard Calilhanna - National Marriage Coalition; Graham Isbister - Family Voice Australia; Lorée Rudd - pro-family advocate; Walter Heyer - author and gender researcher, San Diego, USA; Warwick Marsh - Dads4Kids. A statement of support for marriage was read out from John Murphy MP Labor member from  Lowe who is a strong supporter of Marriage. Many other Labor Party Parliamentarians would have liked to attend the Stand4marriage rally but were prevented from doing so because of the schedule at the Labor Party conference.

The Stand4Marriage Martin Place Declaration, endorsed by Loree Rudd and the many family groups who supported the Stand4Marriage Rally speaks clearly the message that we believe millions of Australians want to send to the ALP.

Stand4Marriage Martin Place Declaration

We the concerned citizens of Australia and representatives of pro-family organisations from across Australia stand together today in Sydney's Martin Place to send a message of support and encouragement to  those politicians who have the courage to uphold marriage as being indisputably and exclusively between one man and one woman. Our society is already facing an array of problems due to the weakening of marriage and the decay of the nuclear family.  What is needed is not a radical transformation of an institution that has held societies together for time immemorial; rather what is needed now is a reinvigoration and revival of marriage as the only institution that can reverse the decay of the nuclear family and reverse the negative social trends that are associated with it.

We declare that marriage is important because families are important.  Families are important because they are the basic building blocks of our society.  When the family collapses, so does the society. The evidence proves what common-sense dictates: marriage cannot be redefined without being weakened.

We proclaim the need for marriage to be supported, strengthened and promoted in Australia through government initiatives and incentives for the benefit of future generations.

We  oppose any change to the definition of marriage in the Marriage Act and affirm that marriage must remain "the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life."

We  declare that redefining marriage at the insistence of a small minority is a risky social experiment that is not in the national interest and that threatens the well-being of Australia's children. The negative consequences of homosexual marriage are now being seen in the nations where the redefinition of marriage has been legalised.

We  declare that an important purpose of marriage is to create a stable and loving family structure for the procreation and the rearing of children.

We  declare that marriage between a man and a woman  protects our children's biological birthright to a mother and a father and our children's biological birthright to a relationship with their brothers and sisters; marriage has a proven track record of providing our children with protection, education, welfare, support and nurture.

We  declare our desire to see an Australia where the marriage of a man and a woman will once again be honoured in our nation and where families founded on this committed relationship will be protected and acknowledged by all to be the fundamental  building block of society and to the wellbeing of our nation. We further desire to see mothers and fathers supported in the noble task of raising children.

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